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•  Toluca Lake: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and occasional Fridays; 

approximately 2pm-9:30pm

•  Pasadena: Mondays and Wednesdays

approximately 2pm-9:30pm

Availability can vary for each location and date.
Please contact me to request available appointments - you can let me know your preferred days/times and location(s). 

Online sessions and private online classes are offered remotely, generally from either office, at above times. Alternative times can be arranged. (See Online Options page for remote-session information)


By Appointment Only – No walk-ins.

Address information given upon booking. 

•  Toluca Lake: Inside a multi-practitioner healthcare office, on Vineland Place, between Riverside & Lankershim.
(Toluca Lake is nestled between Burbank, Studio City, and North Hollywood; near 134/101 interchange)

•  Pasadena: Inside a multi-practitioner healthcare office,

on Walnut, east of Lake.
(Near the 134, not far from Alta Dena, Eagle Rock, & the rest of San Gabriel Valley)

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How Long & How Much


•  All initial appointments, and most follow-up appointments are about 90 minutes.

  Occasionally, shorter 60 minute, follow-up appointments are indicated, depending on goals and treatment plans.

  Longer, two-hour sessions are recommended for complex

or multiple issues; or if you just want the luxury of more time!


• $185 - Standard Session (approx 90 minutes. All Initial sessions and most follow-ups).

• $255 and up - Extended Session (120 minutes and up. Great for complex initial appts, and follow-ups with multiple issues to address).

• $135 - Mini Session (60 minutes. NOT for new client/initials, multiple or complex issues. Good for some single issue, "touch-ups",  Cranialsacral or Visceral sessions).

•  IF available, appointments outside my normal business hours have a $25 surcharge.

•  I offer a limited number of sliding scale follow-up sessions, generally reserved for those who want to commit to a series

of treatments over time, but would find it interferes with meeting other essential needs.


•  I charge what I need to live. I accept gratuity if you feel compelled, but I don't expect it. I ask that you please

do not tip if you can't afford it. At the end of the day, I greatly prefer that you come see me without tipping, rather than not see me because you can't afford a tip. I will not judge you based on whether you tip, and you will receive the same quality of attention and appreciation whether or not you do!


•  I rarely have time these days to work with clients at their homes, and reserve this for current clients who's condition makes an office visit too difficult.  (I can also refer other  therapists who might be able to do a home visit). 

Travel Fees Start at:

•  $125 per visit, for up 3 miles from 91602

• Additional miles @ $15 per 2 mile increments. 

*Travel fees may vary based on time-of-day or traffic.

• 90 minute minimum for outcalls.

*Prices and Policies are Subject to Change without prior notice.   


I request a phone consultation (free of charge) before your first appointment. We can book your first appointment(s) then.


This is a great opportunity to let me know why you're calling; let me ask some initial questions; give you the chance to ask me questions; and help us both ensure what I do might be helpful for your health concerns (I'm happy to give ideas for other treatments, or physicians if they seem more appropriate). 

Late Cancel/Rescheduling Policy

0-24 hrs: FULL PAYMENT is due if less than 24-hour reschedule or cancellation, including "Missed Appts/No Shows."  

24-48 hrs: $50 PAYMENT is due between 24 & 48-hour notice.   

This policy is not intended to be punitive. It is rare that I can fill an appointment with less than a 24-hour (and often even 48-hour) notice, especially with no "office staff" to make calls while I am with clients. Therefore, enforcing this cancellation policy is critical to the viability of my small business. 

Waiving fees for emergencies and other reasons for late cancellations is subject to my discretion. I offer a certain amount of flexibility for such events, but please make every effort to notify me (text/call + email) as soon as you suspect exposure or covid/cold symptoms, or any other reason, so I have a greater chance of filling your spot (this one impactful way you can support me and similar small businesses ). 


For those preferring to be preemptively cautious during covid "surges," I appreciate and completely respect that! But please cancel/reschedule your reserved time sooner rather than later, (i.e. not waiting for your appointment reminder). 

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