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Kind Words

       Lara is a healer.  Anyone lucky enough to choose to work with her will know what I mean.  Some people are therapists who have technical skill, and Lara is that, but not every therapist is a healer.  A healer is someone for who every case is new and unique in some sense, and the therapist who is such a healer, is there to learn as much as being there to treat MF issues and related issues.  Lara is an open minded learner.  She is highly intelligent, she has a creative instinct, she is a very caring person, she is in this work to enjoy helping people and see them improve, she is patient, in my case, i felt that she adapted to the person I was with my personality needs and speed of healing, because she understands the whole person---she 'gets it.' She works with you patiently. ...Progress with the neck pain was gradual at first, the therapy did not cause more pain like the previous one. After about 3-4 months the pain was completely gone and never came back.  I was healed.  I have other needs for MFR but am realistically not able to afford it. If I was, I would be working with Lara in a heartbeat. ~ Judy W. via Yelp

       After a work injury to my neck devastated my life, I spent almost 9 years afraid I would have to accept the severe daily pain and limitations for good. One day I found Lara and my whole life changed. For the first time in years, someone was able to provide  some relief. Lara spent well over an hour with me never rushing or making me feel like she needed to get to the next client. Overwhelmed by the surprising change in my body and heart, I went home and cried with my husband who had been struggling right along with me all those years.

It's been over a year, and I see Lara frequently for pain management and, thanks to her, education. She has spent countless hours teaching me different techniques and adjustments I can make in my everyday life to ease my pain. She has also provided tools for me to use at home to release tight muscles and discomfort that get me through until our next meeting. Overall, my injury is 90% better since working with her which has also restored my quality of life.

No matter how minor or sever your problem is, Lara is the one to get you through. And when the situation requires some additional support like chiropractic or physical therapy as a compliment to her work, she will tell you. Her passion is to help people function optimally and feel good in their body and that will come through the minute you meet her.  ~ Kelly B., Pasadena via Yelp

        Lara is fantastic.  I had been experiencing pain in my left arm for three months, which kept me awake at night, limited my mobility on the left side and impacted my overall sense of strength and flexibility.  I had one session last week, and that night was the first night I slept without pain in my arm in three months.  The next day mobility was returned to my left side, and my overall energy and outlook was greatly improved.  Lara knows her stuff, and being trained in multiple modalities, she was able to "speak my language" about my various physical activities.  She spends a lot of time getting to the root of your problem, conducting a pre-session interview, having you fill out a questionnaire about your situation and then preparing post-session recommendations.  I highly recommend Lara for anyone sick and tired of being in pain and looking for a partner to aid in recovery. ~ Evelyn S.via Yelp

      As a cyclist, I have very specific needs and areas of concerns that need to be addressed. Lara LISTENED to me and was able to do exactly what I needed her to do on my legs. She knows the body inside and out and just did an outstanding job doing exactly what I needed her to do. She is precise and MFR is intense, just what I needed. Outstanding work! ~ Wendy E.

      I'm under 40, but have struggled with pain for almost 20 years.  I've tried everything from Yoga, to acupuncture to physical therapy, TONS of massage work- nothing helped. When my first child was born, I thought I'd get so much worse that it would eventually be unbearable to pick him up. Lara started working with me, and suddenly I am better than I have ever been.  My constant nagging pain and headaches have be alleviated, truly.  She is the most insightful, informed and educated therapist I have come in contact with.  Lara pays distinct attention to my input, and tailors a precise and focused session toward my betterment.  My life is better for having worked with her.  Do yourself a favor and talk to her.... ~ J.J. N. via Yelp

      Lara is a truly gifted healer, not just a well-trained one. You will not be disappointed. She intuitively knows what your body needs and attends to it with gentle but effective and precise care. I understand so much more about my body and feel more comfortable in my skin after working with her for only a few short months. Do not hesitate to work with her. ~ Rachel R. via Yelp

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